from Spotted Fin

Creates an active trail in the water

Activate Gel dissolves into an incredible waterfall of fish stimulants, creating an irresistable beacon for the fish to follow, both above and below.

Easy to use with no mess

With its wide pot, there's no need to pour liquid over your bait. Just dip your hookbait into the gel and go.

Activates any hookbait

Active Gel works with any hookbait. Use alongside your own favourite hookbaits to enhance their pulling power.

Pulls in more fish

Active Gel is built with Spotted Fin's proven
fish-attractors and natural stimulants.

Activates within seconds

This gel activates as soon as it hits the water, allowing you to grab quicker bites.

Contains real ingredients

Active Gel is built right - with proper fishmeals, attractants and nutrients in each pot!

Can be fished at depth and range

Active Gel is thick and robust enough to stick to your hookbait, and won't fall off mid-cast.

A Gel for every situation

Active Gel is supplied in seven carefully chosen flavours, each with their own unique attractants built in. Perfect for a wide range of scenarios.

Get more bites now

Activate your tired old hookbaits now with a pot of brand new Active Gel from Spotted Fin.