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Scott Kelly

Like so many others ‘Carpers’ of my generation, my angling journey began stick float fishing for silvers on the Yorkshire rivers and through my first 10 year’s of fishing I dabbled with most type of angling such as Fly, Match and Barbel this hopefully gave me a broad spectrum of skills and influences, before my love affection with the Carp scene took hold.  
It’s through Carp fishing that I was offered the opportunity to use many of the pre launch baits such as the Catalyst for Spotted Fin.  Well it didn’t take long to establish that this was going to go well,  I was immediately blown away with the quality of the bait and to be brutally honest my own personal results were instant! These results paired with Pele’s approach to delivering quality bait products made it a very easy decision to join the Spotted Fin Consultant team, where i have been a consultant since pre launch and now lead the Promotional Angling Team. 
Although I still like some early season and summer Barbel fishing my main focus is hunting down the ‘Chunks’ that reside in  the Northern Carp Waters, with my favourite been on the doorstep of my home town Leeds,  Erics Angling Willows Fishery. 
Ive been part of the fishery since the early days, being one of the first syndicate members and I’ve seen the Carp come through from stocking to the massive Yorkshire record weights that they now hold, ‘3 Scale’ has been the queen of them all at a massive 59lb Plus.