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Simon Willsmore

I have been with Spotted Fin from day one and the first thing that struck me when I met owner Pele was that it is obvious he has a passion for making bait and wanted to create products of super high quality. The plan was and still is simple, to create high quality baits so anglers can catch more fish!

I remember the first time I walked into the unit at Spotted Fin, from the floor to the ceiling there were hundreds of ingredients, feed stimulants, liquids and flavours. Unbelievable really to have all these products at your disposal and the potential to create a great range of match fishing ground baits was clearly there at our finger tips.

Simon was involved from day one!

Russ and myself started work straight away to develop the first two ‘GO2’ ground baits; the Sweet Super Blend and Carp Super Blend then really things went from there. I caught so many fish while testing these baits that I knew they would be a success and once anglers started trying the products they would really appreciate just how good they really are.

Today Spotted Fin and the GO2 range has grown and we have a large range of products which are well known in the UK and across Europe, with many of my friends on the continent enjoying great catches on the bait. Personally I feel lucky to be part of the brand’s journey.

My favourite product in the range has to be the Sweet Super Blend ground bait, just because of the amount of skimmers I have caught on it. The only downside these days is I am not the only one using it!

An awesome bag of bream using Simon’s favourite Sweet Super Blend.

Simon’s Favourites