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The ultimate non-fishmeal groundbait

The GO2 Naturals Range includes a number of carefully deigned groundbaits which do not contain any fishmeals. Built with natural ingredients which silver fish love, the Naturals range excels at bagging plenty of Roach, Bream and Skimmers.

Designed by Simon Willsmore

We worked with fishing legend and England team member Simon Willsmore to get this mix just right. Crafted with years of expertise and specifically selected ingredients - if it's good enough for Simon, it's good enough for us!

Perfect for Roach, Bream and Skimmers

The naturals range is the perfect non-commercial groundbait - ideal for all kinds of silver fish. The range is built with flavours and ingredients that these fish are known to love. And the results prove just that!

Designed with care and expertise

The GO2 Naturals range is made with carefully selected and specifically sourced ingredients unique to this range. We've built this outside of our other groundbaits, with new technologies and attractants.

A great base to build upon

With their natural, non-fishmeal recipe and low feed content, the GO2 Natural Groundbaits are the ultimate base for your fishing. Great on their own, but perfect for balling in worms and pinkies, and adding your favourite feed content as required.

2kg bag provides great value

The GO2 Natural Groundbaits are supplied in 2kg and 5kg bags! This helps your bag last longer, and provides better value for money.

Available in light and dark versions

With both light and dark versions of the groundbaits, you can use the naturals groundbaits all year-round, with the right groundbait for your water.

A matching bait sauce for the ultimate combo

A Corriander and Fenugreek Bait Sauce is also designed to perfectly match the groundbait. Add this bait sauce to your groundbait for a mix that silver fish can't resist.

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GO2 Canal Superblend


Want a groundbait that gives you the edge when finishing canals? The GO2 Canal Super Blend is a dark heavy mix, designed to combat the flow of boat traffic and keep the bait on the floor. Fine enough to break down, but stick enough to load with extra food offerings such as maggots and worms.

A strong smelling groundbait with lots of small fish attractors, but no fishmeals in the mix. The subtle colour of this groundbait makes it perfect for both canals and drains.

GO2 Lake Superblend


Want a versatile groundbait that will fill your bag with fish? The GO2 Lake Super Blend is a medium texture groundbait which is loved by Roach, Skimmers and Bream. A sweet smelling light groundbait with lots of small fish attractors, but no fishmeals in the mix. You can mix it on the drier side giving you a lovely fluffy mix for the feeder, alternatively over wet it to ball in with lots of added particle. If using it on a commercial, try mixing it 50/50 with the GO2 Sweet Super Blend!

Ideally suited to still or slow moving venues.

Available in a Light and Dark version!

GO2 Roach Superblend


Want a proven groundbait that will bag you lots of Roach? The GO2 Roach Super Blend is a medium texture dark groundbait, containing a blend of proven attractors including coriander, milled hemp, salts and spices which roach find irresistible! A very reliable GO2 mix which is sticky in nature, making it perfect for balling in on rivers and lakes. It’s a light groundbait with lots of small fish attractors and spices, but no fishmeals in the mix.

Available in a Light and Dark version!

GO2 Coriander & Fenugreek Bait Sauce


The first bait sauce specifically designed for natural venues! Coriander and Fenugreek are two additives which feature heavily throughout our GO2 Naturals range of groundbaits and are both proven attractors for silver fish.

Add it to your favourite GO2 Naturals Groundbait during mixing (we recommend adding it to the water for even distribution) to give it that extra kick of attraction to help draw fish from far and wide on large natural venues.

Lake Superblend

Canal Superblend

Roach Superblend

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