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GO2 Naturals Range

The GO2 Naturals range, developed by top silvers angler Simon Willsmore, is a complete range of non-fishmeal mixes for the discerning angler, sitting under the illustrious GO2 match range, itself developed as a class leading range of bait products for the serious club and match angler.

It is the ideal range for naturals fishing on lakes, rivers, fens and drains and canals. Ideal for all Skimmers, Bream, Roach and Gudgeon fishing.

There are 3 mixes in the range 2 of which have a light and dark version: you can find them here online

GO2 Naturals Lake, Light and Dark

GO2 Naturals Roach, Light and Dark

GO2 Naturals Canal – Dark Only

GO2 Naturals Coriander and Fenugreek Bait Sauce

GO2 Naturals Lake

A medium texture sweet, biscuit-based groundbait which is perfect for skimmers, bream and roach. Ideally suited to still or slow moving venues. Creates a lovely fluffy mix for the feeder, or over-wet it to ball in lots of particle. Great to combine with fishmeal groundbaits such as Sweet Superblend, for use on commercial silver fish venues. Available in both natural and dark. 

Can be used as a dry mix, but nice and sticky when wet for potting in big balls. 

TIP: Try loading it up with particles, such as our crushed hemp, worms or casters.  With our crushed hemp, pour boiling water into the pouch the night before, seal the pouch and leave and it will be perfect to use through the mix in the morning.


GO2 Naturals Roach

A medium texture groundbait containing a blend of proven attractors including coriander, milled hemp, salts and spices which roach find irresistible! A reliable GO2 mix, sticky in nature which makes it perfect for balling in on rivers and lakes. Mixed on the dry side this ground bait is highly active and continues to attract fish during you session. Available in both natural and dark. 

Works well on its own, with no need to combine with other groundbaits. 

TIP: Slightly over-wet if you want a less active mix and to load it up with lots of particles. 

GO2 Naturals Canal

Sticky in nature; a fine but heavy mix to help combat the flow and boat traffic on canals. The fenugreek and coriander content make this groundbait active and highly attractive to roach, skimmers and gudgeon – perfect for use with squatts and pinkies. The subtle colour makes it perfect for both canals and fen drains. Available in dark only. 

A fine mix which is low in feed content. Can be loaded with other baits to enhance your swim. 

TIP: Add 30% Roach Superblend to make a slightly richer mix on venues you know are fishing well, to increase the food content. 

GO2 Coriander and Fenugreek Bait Sauce

Our first bait sauce specifically designed for natural venues!

Coriander and Fenugreek are two additives which feature heavily through the GO2 Naturals range. We recommend adding it to the water first giving it a good mix then adding to your groundbait to get even distribution. It will give your groundbait the extra kick on large venues to draw in fish. Sold in 250ml Bottles.

Full of attraction that Roach and other silver fish love! 

TIP: Mix it with water first for even distribution in your groundbait.