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114lb+ Classic Corn Trio – Terry Brooksbank

Terry Brooksbank had an awesome six fish catch at The Approach Fishery, including a trio which weighed in excess of 114lbs! Using an ingenious tactic incorporating a few products from our Classic Corn range

After an epic 20 minute battle, he was finally in the net!

Terry Brooksbank #TeamFin

After arriving on the Friday to find the lake unsurprisingly busy following the easing of lockdown restrictions, I settled in a swim on the end of strong wind which looked ideal. With the water still coloured from the recent flooding, I really wanted the baits to be kicking off a huge amount of food signals in the water to help them find the bait. Fishing a Spinner rig with a size 6 Long Shank Curve, I alternated between Masala Spice Pop-Up and Classic Corn Wafter hook baits, but to really increased the pulling power, I wrapped the hook bait in the Classic Corn Paste before dipping it in the matching Food Dip and finally giving it a dusting of stick mix. This coating breaks down over the course of a few hours, giving off loads of extra attraction which proved to be perfect for the coloured water. This was fished over a potent mix of Method Ready Pellets, crumbed and whole boilies which had been glugging in the syrup and stick mix overnight.

It didn’t take long for the action to kick off with a couple of stockies in quick succession followed by an upper double just before dark. Things looked good for the night so I was a bit surprised when I woke up at first light with no more action. I had seen the odd sign away from the baited area so was contemplating moving the right hand rod, I stuck the kettle on and before it had even had time to boil that same rod was away with an absolute screamer!

After a lengthy battle the first big fish of the session was in the net, this was the start of a frantic few hours with two more fish finding the back of the net. The smallest of those three was a long lean 37lber which put up an epic battle, along with a 38lber and a 39lber to round off an incredible session!

Terry Used…