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Edmunds Dominates At Viaduct

Spotted Fin backed Craig Edmunds recently fished the Guru 5 day festival at the stunning Viaduct Fishery in Somerset. The week long festival saw 67 top anglers from all over the UK competing for a chance to be crowned champion.

Craig is no stranger to the venue having fished it regularly for a number of years with some outstanding results, so he was always going to be a danger. This proved to be true with an unreal week of results, winning his lake and section every day and the match overall on two of these and catching nearly 1,000lb of fish in the process!

Craig came out on top amongst some tough competition!

On the first day, Craig pulled peg 51 on Match Lake out the bag, fishing his favoured Catalyst Pellets on the pellet waggler he got off to a good start fishing towards the island before it started to tail off. A couple more fish followed on his long shallow pole line before adding a few more to the net from his short meat line to end the day on 112lb 10oz. This was just enough to take the section and lake win, with Rob Goodson just 2lb behind in an incredibly tight section.

Some proper units!

Day two saw Craig draw peg 77 on Cary, which in his own words he would ‘normally run to’ but it had fished very hard the previous day. After a fishless two hours for Craig, it looked like that might be the same on the second day of the festival. Thankfully things began to improve as the fish began to show up in the water, two mugged fish on the waggler followed by five more on the pole which Craig estimated at 100lbs, so some absolute zoo creatures! Five more carp were added from his short line to finish the match with 148lb and the all important section win.

Peg 123 on Campbells was Craig’s peg for the third day of the festival which had fished well for the first two days. Catching on a bit of everything throughout the match, starting on the bomb before having a good couple of hours mugging and finally catching down the edge for the last two hours. Using Catalyst Pellets on all of his lines he has ended up putting a whopping 367lb onto the scales at the end of the day which was enough to win the section and match overall on the day.

A bit of abuse followed the draw on day four when Craig pulled out peg 8 on Spring which had won the section every day so far. It proved to be a tougher day with a patient approach needed, but he made no mistakes, putting 120lb onto the scales for another lake win. This put him on four section wins along with three other anglers so it was all to play for on the final day.

Catalyst Pellets are a firm favourite amongst many Viaduct regulars.

Knowing a section win was needed on the final day, Craig was happy to draw 69 on Lodge Lake, he commented “I was happy to avoid any of the hard areas on Cary or Spring which could have been a disaster. I do like Lodge as you are never out of it as it holds some really big fish, so you always have a chance of catching up.”

Starting the day off mugging five carp on the waggler followed by a couple more on the pole, Craig moved his attentions to the edge where he added another nine fish to the tally on pellets and finishing off with a couple of units on his meat line. This gave him 168lb which was enough to win the match overall on the day and the festival overall, a point clear of second placed Andy Power and fellow Spotted Fin angler Phil Canning in third.

Following the festival Craig commented “I couldn’t have asked for a better week! Five lake wins, two match wins and catching nearly a tonne of fish. This is exactly why I love the venue so much. A massive thanks to Ben Hagg for running the festival and Guru for the prizes. The Long family as always for such an awesome venue and huge congratulations to Power, Phil, Ryan and Hutts for making the top five!”

The final results at the end of the week.