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A Hat Trick of Bluebells…

Luke Taylor tells about his afternoon session to remember at the Bluebell complex.

Having targeted the Bluebell complex this year to try and snag a PB Common, my first port of call is always Kingfisher lake but having done a couple of laps around the lake when arriving at 7am, inevitably it was fully stitched up for the next 3-4 days, so my next port of call was Mallard lake.

Having always wanted to fish a particular corner peg on the lake which has a mouth-watering tree line along its left bank, I headed straight there with my fingers crossed that it’s current occupant might soon be heading home. To my amazement with Bluebell always being such an extremely busy fishery the bloke in there was already packing up ready to go home! With a warm wind pushing into the swim, it looked very carpy indeed and within a few minutes of watching the water I saw a few fish show no more than a couple of wraps from the left bank in a cove in the trees. A couple of casts with a bare lead and having found the bottom clean as a whistle where the fish had shown a few moments earlier, a plan of action was put in place.

Two rods near the tree line and a third rod out 11 wraps onto a gravel bar in open water to the right of the swim. I decided to hedge my bets and have one tree line rod on a Ronnie, rigged with double artificial corn which had been soaked in Spotted Fin Pineapple and N butyric acid booster spray and the other with a Ronnie with a Catalyst natural Pop-UP.

I catapulted a few pouches of Catalyst boilies, coated in Catalyst pellet & particle syrup and dusted with Spotted Fin Krill powder around each rod and we were set. Within an hour the artificial corn rod was away. After a few minutes, hook pull… not an ideal start. Got the rod back out on the spot and settled down for the night. 3.30am the next morning, same rod screamed off…flew out of the bivvy, waders on, head torch on, lifted into the fish and it felt decent. Again after a few minutes, another hook pull!!! Nightmare!!!

I quickly swapped both rods onto pva bags which I had made the night before at home containing a Catalyst natural dumbbell wafter which I had soaked in Spotted Fin salmon oil previously, Catalyst pellets and a syringe full of Catalyst Particle and Pellet Syrup, my go to method for any lake when I need things to go my way and having two carp fall off, that time was now.

Morning came, no more runs but fish still showing in the swim, luckily just after lunchtime, middle rod was away… waders on, out in the water above the waist, sun beating down and bent into a carp, now I was in my element. I landed the fish and it was a lovely low 20 by the looks of it so unhooked it in the landing net straight away, rested the net onto a bank stick to give the fish a few minutes to regain its strength in the water, when the next minute the other tree line rod screamed off.

After a mega fight, I managed to bungle that fish into the same landing net that the previous fish was ilready resting in and again it looked like another Mallard 20 but this time an Apple sliced scaly one. Two 20s in quick succession ( 23lb & 26lb ) had made me very happy indeed. I photographed both fish, treated the hook holds with antibacterial liquid and both swam away strong.

Rods back out, sorted the peg out as there was gear all over the place after the flurry of action and a beer in the sun to celebrate. Again, fed the swim with Krill powder dusted Catalyst boilies, probably 40-50 again covering both rods which were about 2 wraps apart so easy to cover them both with the free offerings. A few hours went past when again the middle rod was away. A short but powerful fight provided yet another 20 something looking Carp. After weighing a 20.4 brought up the Bluebell 20lb hat trick and capped off a fantastic afternoon’s fishing. Unfortunately the remaining hours didn’t provide any more action which was a bit of a head scratcher as I thought there would be more fish in the area. I guess the remaining time was out of their feeding window so couldn’t get too down beat about it and I went away more than happy with my 48 hours work, 5 takes, 3 fish and feeling fulfilled that my tactics change had worked, swapping over to short slip D rigs, small sharp size 8 hooks in solid bags kept the carp interested and the bites coming.

A session to remember and fuel to keep me going with confidence into my Autumn / Winter campaign