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The Biggest Welcome Back – Ian Miller

Ian Miller checked in with this stunning common from a club water he last fished seven years ago! First session back and he has banked the biggest common in the lake…

I called a friend over who recognised it straight away as the ‘Scar Common’

Ian Miller #TeamFin

Having not fished this particular Southern Club lake for a number of years, I finally made a return as I’ve always felt I had some unfinished business. For my first session back I made sure to be there for first light and before long I noticed some bubbling in-amongst some pads.

I dropped my kit in the swim and came up with a plan, it was going to be a case of dropping the rig in a small clearing in the pads, accuracy was going to be key so I opted to use the baiting pole. This meant I could be perfectly accurate and hopefully sneak a rig in without too much disturbance.

I loaded the spoon up with a mixture of Catalyst and Classic Corn chops, topped off with a few Catalyst Pellets and a good helping of the matching food dip, a mix which had served me well in the past. I shipped out the rig as quietly as I could and sat back hoping I hadn’t spooked them too much in the process.

It took a couple of hours of waiting before I saw the first bubbles breaking the surface, they started getting heavier as they began to feed more confidently, then it finally happened and the rod lunged round! An epic battle ensued in amongst the pads, but before long I bundled a good common into the net.

I called a friend over who recognised it straight away as the ‘Scar Common’ – She tipped the scales at 30lb 4oz, the biggest common in the lake and what a fish to be welcomed back to the lake with on my first trip back!

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