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This dark liquid derived from the sugar making process is a natural feed stimulant for carp and other species. It is used in the animal feed industry and in fish farming to promote acceptance of feeds. Liquid Betaine can be used for added attraction in any bait item whether boilie mixes, adding to groundbaits or for dipping your hookbaits in.

Why is our Liquid Betaine dark? 
The reason for this is we rely on the manufacture to extract the betaine straight from the sugar beet using specific processes. If you are used to seeing betaine clear that is because once you have this product it is then refined into a powder, which is also a feed stimulant and then bait companies use this fine white powder and introduce it to liquid water which when dissolved is clear.

We like to provide both products – the powdered betaine which you can find under bait additives and this product which is a natural version and we find provides a better response from the fish.

Recommended inclusion level is up to 30ml per kg.


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250ml, 500ml, 1l