Black Pepper Oil


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This human food grade Black Pepper Oil has a spicy signature and works well across so many different types of baits that to list them might limit your own exploration. Black Pepper Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and is not only a spice for food but has sedative and calming properties as well as helping the digestive system by inhibiting bad bacteria and curing digestive infections.

Add Black Pepper Oil to a hemp paste while fishing for roach or add to your boilie mix. It is one of the best single oils or additives used in fishing and continues to work throughout summer or winter. Add a few drops to our Sardine & Anchovy Fish Meal with liquid egg to create an attractive paste. Use up to 1-2 ml per kg.

*For your convenience, our essence bottles include a pipette dropper cap to ensure complete accuracy in your inclusion levels.*

** We source our oils from a manufacturer who makes them for the human food industry. Do not confuse this product with aromatherapy or other oils.**

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