Classic Corn 8mm Soft Hookers


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A full pot of soft hookers based on the successful Spotted Fin match expanders. The soft hookers are sealed in a pot with a foam seal and kept GLUGGED in the pot in attractive liquids.

Key components:

Spotted Fin Match grade expanders a 6mm is a fully pumped 4.5mm and an 8mm is a fully pumped 6mm expander.

Robust but pliable – do not split on hooking.

Perfect Buoyancy – just sink in their own in water

GLUGGED in attractive liquids in the sealed pot

Shipped with “stay fresh” sealed lid

Use for Pole, Feeder or Waggler

Long Shelf Life – 12 months

80g Foam Seal “Stay Fresh” Pot

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg