Concentrated Yeast – Brocacel


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This concentrated yeast is a far superior product to brewers yeast which is a significantly cheaper product. Brocacel has a nice yeasty/malty aroma. This concentrated yeast goes through a special process to grow the yeast cultures. As well as providing necessary vitamins and minerals, Brocacel promotes better growth and digestion from intestinal flora and is widely used in the pet food industry to promote increased acceptance of food products that contain it. It also gives protection to the immune system of the fish. In our tests this was the best powdered yeast product we could find and has been used by bait companies as a secret ingredient in boilies for many years. We find 20g of the product in a groundbait works well but anything up to 50g can be used and it can also be added to liquids. This is an extremely versatile product and can be used as a staple ingredient in bait production.

Try dusting your frozen boilies with this yeast and refreeze. The process of defrosting and freezing will suck the yeast into the outer layers of the bait giving it a attractive profile and also add digestive qualities to the bait.

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