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The crushed hemp we have sourced is finer than some on the market and is produced fresh for us direct from a British hemp farm. It is has particles large enough to work well in spod mixes but also small enough to work well in groundbaits or even base mixes. It doesn’t have whole seeds through it which makes it easier for boilie mixes. Containing all the necessary attractor oils, this hemp has been a great success with our anglers who enjoy the finer texture of this product. It can be used its own or can be added to pretty much anything as its such an excellent fish bait and this particular variety just oozes goodness.

Adding crushed hemp to any of our fish Liquid Foods range or mixing it with our molasses is a sure fire way to pull in the fish.

Mix 30% of crushed hemp with the following: 10% cracked maize or maize meal; 5% CSL powder; 30% peanut meal, 15% tiger nut flour and 10% Supergold 60 then combine with our super thick molasses to produce a fantastic mix of oils, proteins, sugars and enzymes. The longer you leave this the better and a good overnight soak works the best.

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