GO2 Naturals Canal Super Blend


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Want a groundbait that gives you the edge when finishing canals? The GO2 Canal Super Blend is a dark heavy mix, designed to combat the flow of boat traffic and keep the bait on the floor. Fine enough to break down, but stick enough to load with extra food offerings such as maggots and worms.

A strong smelling groundbait with lots of small fish attractors, but no fishmeals in the mix. The subtle colour of this groundbait makes it perfect for both canals and drains.

Supplied in a 2kg resealable bag.





Slowly add water to your groundbait. Add a bit at a time until you have your desired consistency. (A good starting point is to mix 1 bag of 900g groundbait to 500ml of water). Leave for around 15 minutes and then riddle.

For more information, check out our HOW 2 guide for preparing groundbaits.


For extra attraction, try adding some bait sauces into the groundbait. Mix your chosen liquid with water first so it is distributed evenly into the groundbait. Try our Coriander & Fenugreek Bait Sauce with this product.

For more tips and uses, check out our HOW 2 guide for getting more out of your groundbait.




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Weight 2.00 kg

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