Liquid Tuna


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This hydrolysed soluble tuna extract, full of proteins, is easily digested and has been made by the same company to replace the discontinued famous L030 liquid. Called Tuna L030 or L030T by some brands our Liquid Tuna is the same thick salty paste.

This thick, rich salty liquid is one of the best carp foods available on the market today. Our Liquid Tuna is not cut with any other product and has no additives. It is a pure extraction and due its low viscosity it has a binding effect if used on boilie mixes. It can be watered down (Which we do not do for you!) to make it easier to pour over pellets and include in groundbaits and is a highly desirable food source for carp and other fish.

There is no limit to its inclusion but 30ml per kg of mix is a good guide to start with.


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