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I am a big fan of the early river season and of using PVA stick mixes for my chub and barbel fishing. I find that you can create a neater pile of particle and bait around your hook bait and draw fish in quickly, to get those bites. I also find it a great method for when I decide to roam a water way, rather than hold up in one swim.

Now, there is no such thing as the “perfect” or “best” stick mix. A stick mix is a personal thing that you must gain your own confidence in. Some will prefer a heavy pellet and boilie base with little powder ingredients, and some will choose to mix up a higher ratio of powdered ingredients to pellet, etc, a bit like a feeder mix.

For me it is all about thinking about what I intend to use the mix for, what waters I want to use it on. Once I have plans in my mind, I can then set about building a stick mix. This is the important part for me, the building process.

Here I will take you through my step-by-step build of my Classic Corn stick mix, which has recently caught me plenty of Chub, Barbel and even Carp on the river.

I like to start with the bulky ingredients. So, first I start with a half a bag of Classic Corn Boilie Crumb.

This provides a nice mix of small and large chunks of boilie for smaller fish to pick through and entice in the better stamp fish.

I will then move on to the pellet range. In this mix I have chosen to add a large amount of 2mm, 4mm and 8mm Classic Corn pellets.

Again, as with the boilie crumb, this has now bulked out the mix nicely with small and large pieces for fish to feast on.

Once I am happy with the amount of whole ingredients in the base of my mix, I then turn to the powdered ingredients. I like to utilise both the Feeder and Method Mix and the Active Stick Mix powders. I like to think that as the PVA stick dissolves these groundbaits make a nice fizzing around the bait and send a nice cloud of flavour through the water columns and downstream to any fish holding up.

Natural Hemp

You should then be left with a nice powdery pellet mix. A tried and tested feed for barbel and chub is hemp. It has been used for ever and always been a go to for many anglers. So, without a shadow of a doubt I will dump a whole bag of Natural Hemp straight into the mix. This will be great for holding fish in the areas, as the stick will dissolve, and the hemp will fall into cracks and crevices giving the fish something to search for.

This is now my stick mix all built and giving me enough confidence that it will draw fish in and hold them in the swim.

My final thing I will do with my stick mixes is to add some further flavourings in the form of liquids. In this mix I have used the Classic Corn Pellet & Particle Syrup along with the Method Ready Bait Soak.

All that is left to do is mix it all through. Your result should be a nice sticky mix with a nice strong flavour. I will often do my mixes a few days before the session, so that I can let it all soak in ready.

Mix Finished !

When on the bank, I like to match my stick mix to the hook bait I am using. In this case I have paired it with a 12mm Classic Corn boilie, which I have dipped in the matching Active Gel.

Classic Corn Active Gel

All it is a case of doing is sitting back, relaxing and waiting for that tip to rip round! Most of all, just enjoy your bank time.