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Free Delivery over £50


Excludes base mix ingredients

Introducing the new Spotted Fin reward programme!


shop, review, share or support Spotted Fin


build up reward points as you go


spend your points on exclusive rewards


There really is no customer like a Spotted Fin customer! The amount of support we continue to receive is incredible – and it deserves a big thank you. In order to give something back to all our loyal customers, we’ve created the brand new Spotted Fin reward scheme; Fin Points!

Fin Points is automatically activated with every account made on
Just make sure you are signed in to ensure your points are recorded!

Earn Points

You can earn points by shopping with Spotted Fin online, and by engaging with and supporting the brand. We’re not just asking you to place more orders online however – we’ve ensured that you can also earn points by engaging with us in the other ways you usually would.

Leave a Product Review

Leave a product review on our website and earn 2 points. (Maximum 10 points every 3 months).

Place an Order on our Website

Place an order for £25 or more on and receive 25 points.

Refer a Friend

Earn 50 points each time you refer a friend and they place an order for £25 or more. They must use your referral link found on the Fin Points section of your account!

Share Your Catch Photos

Earn 5 points when you submit a catch report via and share your photo. (This may only be a one-time use)

Purchase Promotional Items

Sometimes we may offer extra points when you purchase specific products during a promotional period!

Redeem Points

We’ve set up a range of exclusive perks for you to redeem with your Fin Points! Build up your points and redeem them when you want.

£1 off Your Order

Receive a £1 coupon for for every 10 points you have.

Sticker Pack

Redeem 25 points for a free sticker pack added to your basket.

Spotted Fin Mug

Redeem 60 points to have a free Spotted Fin mug added to your basket.

Active Gel

Redeem 60 points for a choice of Spotted Fin Active Gel added to your basket.

Method Ready Pellets

Redeem 100 points for a free tub of 3L Method Ready Pellets or Groundbait added to your basket.

Spotted Fin Cap

Redeem 150 points to have a free Spotted Fin cap added to your basket. (Style subject to availability).

At Spotted Fin we are excited to introduce this loyalty programme to our customers, and we look forward to rewarding our customers with these fantastic prizes. We will always honour the spirit of the programme and replace any unavailable products/prizes with a like-for-like replacements if necessary.

Fin Points is run solely at the discretion of Spotted Fin Ltd who bear no responsibility for any loss from taking part in this loyalty programme. Points and prizes are subject to change without notice. Spotted Fin reserves the right to refuse points or rewards to any customer without reason. Full terms and conditions can be found here.