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A Pike PB whilst Carp fishing

Wood Lake, Royston Pele Johnson takes us through the event of his capture of a 21lb 5oz feisty big girl in Cambridgeshire. Myself and a few colleagues, Neal and Luke from SFHQ turned up at Wood lake, Royston for a…

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River Fishing for Bream on the Ouse

River Fishing for Bream on the Ouse Team member Jacob Stone takes us through his River approach to feeder fishing for Bream, After joining the Spotted Fin Promo Team in April 21, I quickly stocked up on a large range…

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A Silvers Session on the Trent…

Dave Binns take us through his silvers session fished recently on the River Trent and some new groundbait mixes he has been working with I had a super silver session on the River Trent this time...First off I'll just touch…

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Approaching Barbel on the Trent

Liam Willis takes us through his approach on tackling barbel on the River Trent. Joining the Spotted Fin Team last August has massively helped my style of fishing as the range available in Smokey Jack covers every base for my…

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Simon Ward trips up Nash Church Lake’s “The Beauty Queen”

A lister, The "Beauty Queen" from Nash's Church Lake Simon tells us the full story: We had originally booked to go to France as we are celebrating my good friend Steve Lavender’s 50th, but given the current restrictions we had…

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A New Approach

It had been a weird old start to the spring campaign, the country in lock down and everyone treading water for months with more important things on their minds than fishing. By the time angling had been given the nod,…

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Get The Red Edge

We pull up to a scorching hot Hayfield lakes to be met by locked gates, a sight which has become all too familiar over the last couple of months with no fishing allowed. But thankfully today is different! Before long…

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Groundbait for F1s in Winter

For many commercial anglers, winter fishing means one thing… Targeting F1s! These little hybrids, at times can seem like ravenous piranhas eating anything pellet shaped in a ten meter radius, but as soon as those temperatures start getting into single…

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Big Pellets… Big Results!

As anglers, we all have a comfort zone, the sort of venues you can turn up to and no matter where they are in the country, the styles of fishing are pretty much the same. But certain venues like to…

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King Of Clubs

The King of Clubs in Ireland is a competition close to my heart as I won it on my first visit back in 2007, as much as winning the event, the fantastic scenery and fishing created some great memories, I…

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