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Groundbait for F1s in Winter

For many commercial anglers, winter fishing means one thing… Targeting F1s! These little hybrids, at times can seem like ravenous piranhas eating anything pellet shaped in a ten meter radius, but as soon as those temperatures start getting into single…

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Big Pellets… Big Results!

As anglers, we all have a comfort zone, the sort of venues you can turn up to and no matter where they are in the country, the styles of fishing are pretty much the same. But certain venues like to…

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King Of Clubs

The King of Clubs in Ireland is a competition close to my heart as I won it on my first visit back in 2007, as much as winning the event, the fantastic scenery and fishing created some great memories, I…

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Quality and Quantity

Catching a big weight of commercial silver fish is all about getting your timing correct. There are often two groups of commercial silver fish and they are those that are quick to snaffle up any bait that is introduced into…

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Roach For Show, Bream For Dough!

“Roach for show, bream for dough,” so the saying goes, and those words certainly ring true on the Grand Union Canal. When you check the match results on most canals across the south of England you cannot fail to notice…

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Mushy Pellets

Margin fishing can become a bit predictable at times, hoofing in half a dozen cups of groundbait half way through the match with a nice standout hookbait over the top. Fish are so used seeing this every single day it’s…

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Give Them A Pasting

We travelled up to the lovely Old Hough Fishery, deep in the Cheshire countryside, on what was supposed to be a lovely warm day. The ever-unpredictable British weather had other ideas though, throwing a deluge of rain and gale force…

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A Mugging Masterclass

Some people love it, others… not so much! Whatever your own personal view is, mugging is undeniably a match-winning tactic through the summer months on the right venue.   It may appear to be a simple method, see a carp,…

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Getting the Ronnie Wright!

O’Sullivan, Pickering and Rig…  what are we babbling on about? Famous Ronnies of course! And that is exactly what we are talking about today.  Just to kick off the Ronnie knowledge, Mr Pickering, star of such internet phenomena’s as ‘DO…

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Triple Expander Trick

A single hookbait can sometimes fail to attract the stamp of fish you crave and the obvious alteration is to double or triple it. Maggots, casters and corn are regularly used in twos and threes on the hook and there…

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