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Method Ready Range

The Spotted Fin method ready range consists of a number of products from pellets to groundbaits to liquids. These are already prepared for you to use and take with you to the bank. No preparation , no fuss and you dont have to use it all. Just put the lid back on when finished and take with you the next time. You can read the 2021 Improve your coarse fishing’s bait guide featuring the method ready range here.

The range consists of the following.

Method Ready Pellets – 2mm and 4mm method ready pellets

Method Ready Groundbaits – A 50:50 mixture of method ready pellet and method ready groundbait for those times when you feel the fish need something different.

Method Ready Pellets and Groundbaits

You can use your method ready pellets and groundbaits for all sorts of fishing techniques. Of course you can use on the method feeder as they are designed to be sticky enough to bind and cast far but they are also very versatile. Use them in cage feeders or pot them in. You can even ball them in by hand.

Because of the nature of how we make the pellets, they will sit on the bottom leaching flavour for a long period of time and usually unless eaten will stay on the bottom, preserved for a long period of time. This way you know that when that fish comes along they will have a perfect morsel of food waiting for them, rather than normal pellets which would of turned to mush in a few minutes on the bottom. This is what makes the method pellets so versatile and so effective.

With the new added Method Ready Groundbaits – 50:50 mix of pellet and groundbait, you can also introduce a new variation into your feeding tactics, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.

You can use these products across all your fishing whether you mould around a specimen carp feeder, a commercial feeder or simply wrapped around your leads fishing in rivers. As the pellets are full with liquid already it makes them relatively negatively buoyant and great for holding bottom.

Gives a completely different edge in PVa bags and sticks

Method Ready Bait Soaks – 500ml of pure method ready liquid we use to make our own method range and for you to use on fishery pellets to give them that distinct, edge, colour and flavour.

Step 1 – Choose your favourite bait soak and fill a bait tub or other container you wish to use half full with your fishery pellets or any pellets really that you intend to use. Some pellets are different and turn to mush quickly so be careful – you need a decent fishery pellet or harder pellet for the method.

Step 2 – Fill container or tub to just to the top of the pellets – no more than that, as you can always add more liquid but cannot take it away. Leave for 15-20 mins depending on what pellets you are using just keep checking them as you go to make sure. All pellets are different and take on liquid differently so you may have to experiment. Use less water and add more if required is really the best way to go. You don’t have to use just bait soak you may wish to use water with a few squirts of the bait soak but remember the colour and the attractors and flavours will be diluted somewhat.

Step 3 – After 15 minutes give the tub a shake with the lid on, or pour into another container and gently move your hand trough them, just to move pellets about and let them catch some air and ensure they are all coated with the lqiud. They will then be ready to use. If you are fishing in hot temperatures, then just give the pellets a top up of a little bait soak if they are drying out, to keep them nice and fresh.

Step 4 – Use as required , whether on a hybrid, method feeder or just pole cupping in or in a stick/pva bag, they will be perfect for your use and are extremely attractive to most coarse fish especially carp, F1’s and bream. The bait soak has a mild preservative in so your tub can be closed up and used for a few days with no problems.

Method Hookbaits

Method Hookbaits – Designed specifically for feeder fishing these are a great accompaniment to the Method Ready Range. Check out this step by step guide to how to use them for your fishery pellets.

We also do matching soft hookers to a lot of the range which are robust and versatile enough to be used with the method products.