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A lister, The “Beauty Queen” from Nash’s Church Lake

Simon tells us the full story:

We had originally booked to go to France as we are celebrating my good friend Steve Lavender’s 50th, but given the current restrictions we had a change of plan and decided to book in the UK instead, so we chose to book Nash’s Church Lake.

We were booked on from Monday 29th March, well that couldn’t of worked out better with the current covid crisis and overnight fishing being allowed from that date.  

When we arrived, we had the lake to ourselves, so we had 8 swims to choose from between the 3 of us (Steve Lavender & John Hickton).  When choosing our swims we decided to pick them so that we covered the lake. Talking to the guy’s at the lake it became apparent that it’s not an easy lake and we had our work cut out for us if we were to be successful.

I started with classic corn pop ups on all rods, mainly because of the weed and I wanted to be sure I had a bait well presented. Talking to the guy’s at the lake the following morning, I soon realised I needed to scale down my tactics, so opted to change to a Classic Corn 8mm wafter with the rig pulled through a small PVA mesh filled with the new Classic Corn method ready ground bait.

I love this approach as the PVa bag really explodes out over a dinner plate size area when using this ready made mix, lettgin the fish see a disturbed area they seem to be more relaxed to feed over than just a small bag of hard pellets which can spell out danger.

The rig had been out for around 24 hours on a clear patch and I received a few beeps and the line tightened up, I struck and after a few attempts to get in the weed she was soon coming over the cord of the net. What a stunning fish and one of the A list known as the ‘Beauty Queen’.

The scales went just over 39lb but that didn’t matter with such a stunning fish.

Now just hoping Steve & John can tempt one out now…