Classic Corn Pellets

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Need a quality pellet which stands out from the rest? These feed approved yellow pellets are made with natural fish-friendly ingredients, and the yellow colour holds well in the water. They are loaded with the Classic Corn aroma and attractors which are well known for their carp pulling power, making them a perfect match for the Classic Corn range.

Whether your pinging 8mm’s out to 40 yards by catapult, stuffing them into a PVA bag or prepping them for a method feeder, they are nice and robust and very atttractive to fish. Useful for both carp and match fishing scenarios.

Sold in a 900g resealable pouch (The 2.7kg option equates to 3 x 900g bags).


Classic Corn

Sweetcorn is one of the best carp baits of all time, so we wanted to utilise this awesome attractive power and put it into a range of baits. We use real maize products and a lovely deep sweetcorn flavour in our popular Classic Corn range.

79 reviews for Classic Corn Pellets

  1. cyriil w. (verified owner)

  2. john london (verified owner)

    Got these to go with the boilies and for my trip to france in may.

  3. Mark humphreys (verified owner)

  4. Darrel (verified owner)

    Used them Sunday had a good day on them?

  5. David Blake (verified owner)

    I tried to send a email to apologise other the weekend I work away all week and when they arrived my wife said they were brown i sent an email complaining about your product when I got home and checked found them to be the right ones and I am sure they will work great when I use them in france in April my ony worry is do I have enough.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bait

  7. David Glover (verified owner)

  8. John M. (verified owner)

    Lovely popcorn smell and all fishies like it

  9. Kevin G. (verified owner)

    Caught a few on them already. Top quality bait.

  10. Martin Scrivener (verified owner)

  11. Mike Clarke. (verified owner)

  12. Anthony Taylor (verified owner)

  13. Anthony James (verified owner)

  14. Andrew (verified owner)

    Using them this weekend, can’t wait to try them.

  15. martin middleton (verified owner)

    worked both on the pole and with a bomb going to try next with method feeder and pellet waggler when warms up

  16. Darrel (verified owner)

    Had a few fish on them last weekend, still need to give them another bash though

  17. Chris Smith (verified owner)

  18. Paul Bell (verified owner)

    Used new classic corn at Todber manor for the first time ,used 2 mil pellets and yellow wafter on the hook ,steady run of fish all day .Looking forward to using the pellets at Staffordmoor,viaduct and gold valley in the coming weeks which will tell me how good the pellets react on more testing fisheries ,definitely need a 11m pellet for pinging and the larger carp

  19. David Smith (verified owner)

  20. Peter Williamson (verified owner)

  21. Kevin M. (verified owner)

    The commercial carp love em.

  22. Graham Long (verified owner)

    Mix really well and worked fine

  23. Attila (verified owner)

  24. Martin Brierley (verified owner)

    Great product

  25. Phil R. (verified owner)

    Banded these on the feeder. Like the way they soften very slowly in the water, the outer surface fluffing up, but the centre staying firm.

  26. P (verified owner)

    12 common and one tench first outing.

  27. Scott Kennedy (verified owner)

  28. Ian Lake (verified owner)

  29. Kevin Ross (verified owner)

  30. Darren Taylor (verified owner)

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

  33. Ian Lake (verified owner)

  34. Glen H. (verified owner)

    Added the spray for extra pulling power.

  35. darren (verified owner)

  36. Mark Sherwood (verified owner)

    Very happy but no fish

  37. Paul W. (verified owner)

    Misleading picture of pellets, they looked a very bright yellow but nothing like it when I received them

  38. Kestutis Sinkevicius (verified owner)

    Looking and smell good. Haven’t tried yet.

  39. Anthony Abraham (verified owner)

    Brilliant worked very good results

  40. john london (verified owner)

    Good pellets and give out loads of attraction.

  41. David Grice (verified owner)

    Again brilliant

  42. Mark James (verified owner)

    Very pleased

  43. Lee C. (verified owner)

  44. kenneth gorton (verified owner)

    caught loads of fish

  45. Robert Birks (verified owner)

  46. Jim H. (verified owner)

    One of the best pellets I have used

  47. Martin (verified owner)

    Top pellet for the pole, a bite every drop in.

  48. Mike Garnett (verified owner)

  49. Darren (verified owner)

  50. Kevin Smith (verified owner)

    Great item really smell the corn 🌽

  51. Andy Brogdale (verified owner)

  52. Ian Collins (verified owner)

  53. Paul D. (verified owner)

    These pellets are second to none 👍

  54. Ian (verified owner)

  55. Philip (verified owner)

    Caught well both with 6mm on pole and 8mm on the bomb, have ordered more.

  56. paul cundey (verified owner)

    i can honestly say my catch rate has really improved since using thes pellets dont think i will use anything else now

  57. Peter Gray (verified owner)

  58. Philip (verified owner)

    Good caught well, ordered more

  59. Robert Drew (verified owner)

  60. matthew cooper (verified owner)

    right you haven’t heard this from me but these are the nuts! 4 different waters, multiple catches at all just using the 2mm on a feeder and 8mm as loose feed/offerings. double figures at 2 of the waters with fish from 7lb to 14.5lb. cant wait to try these on a water where i know some BIG results may come my way and maybe smash some PBs. so dont buy… its all mine hahahahahahaha

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best bait ever used

  62. Nick Atkinson (verified owner)

    Great uniform pellets with the classic corn flavouring. Uniform shape leads to more accurate feeding and more fish in the net 👌

  63. KENNETH L. (verified owner)

  64. peter morley (verified owner)

  65. Keith Horn (verified owner)

  66. Thomas O’Donnell (verified owner)

  67. Stuart (verified owner)

  68. Al WHITEHAND (verified owner)

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My new go to for bait…… works for me.

  70. David Williams (verified owner)

    A brilliant bait which has put me in the frame in 3 matches over the last 3 weeks.

  71. Mark Williams (verified owner)

    These pellets are superb, and really stand out against standard pellets

  72. Damian (verified owner)

  73. David (verified owner)

  74. matthew cooper (verified owner)

    this flavor has sold its soul to the devil… it can be the only answer. it almost pains me to say this as i want it all for myself

  75. Robert Crook (verified owner)

    US retailer has no stock!

  76. Martin J. (verified owner)

  77. chris platts (verified owner)

  78. chris platts (verified owner)

    the 6mmers have become my go to pellet for pva bag fishing. lovely smell and colour. superb when fishing with one of the corn boilies or pillows. superb product…

  79. arren113

    I can’t get enough of these pellets! I primarily use as a loose feed, these have helped in the process of catching me big carp and catfish also! They are so strong smelling certainly recommend.

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Q & A

Hi - For the 2mm classic corn pellets, what are the soak immersion and absorption times please? (How long in the water and how long to leave them afterwards out of the water before use?) Much obliged, Steve Steve Wakefield asked on July 6, 2023


There are some factors to consider (batch, water, weather, temperature) but generally they do a good job of absorpting water. If you use the right amount of water, you can leave them to soak it all up without having to take them out!

It is a bit of an art - so don't forget you can use our Method Ready Pellets that are ready made for you - saving you lots of time and hassle! ;)

Hope that helps.

Cameron Scott answered on August 1, 2023 store manager
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Newbie here. Will these fish OK on a banded hair rig? Richard asked on January 23, 2023


Yes they are hard pellets and will be fine on a banded rig. The 2mmm's may be too small. 4's to 11's will be best depending on the size of the band.

I hope that helps

Cameron Scott answered on August 1, 2023 store manager
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Can I buy 3KG 6mm corn pellets? Richard asked on April 23, 2022

Hi Richard,
We aren't currently offering 3kg bags, but you can purchase 3 different bags of these pellets for £16.99, allowing for a small discount that is in line with a 3kg bag price.
I hope that helps.

Cameron Scott answered on April 26, 2022 store manager
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How long is the shelf life of the corn Godfrey Broome asked on March 14, 2022

Hi Godfrey,

Similar to most of our products, these pellets have a given shelf life of around 2 years, but will be good to use for much longer if kept cool and sealed. Always check the back of the pouch for the best before date.

Cameron Scott answered on March 14, 2022 store manager
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