Classic Corn Shelf Life Pillows


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Sweetcorn is one of the best carp baits of all time, so we wanted to utilise this awesome attractive power and put it into a range of boilies. The base mix is packed with corn and milled peanut then it has been loaded with CSL blended with tiger nut extract and sweet spices.

A deep yellow boilie which stands out without being too blatant to pressure carp, you can see them working as they begin to wash out as soon as they are submerged, pumping out attraction into the area! The digestible nature of these baits makes them perfect for year round use.

These 12mm ‘Pillows’ are perfect for pressured venues where traditional round boilies have ‘blown’ but are also brilliant for flowing water or when fishing on marginal shelves to prevent baits rolling. When used in a mix they also resemble large grains of corn!

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