GO2 Jamie Hughes Method Hookbaits


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If you have watched this video we shot with Jamie early last year, you will have seen his little trick of using a stot on the hook length to prevent the wafter from ‘wafting’ off the pile of bait. By nailing it in position you will find you get bites far quicker.

Whilst this works, it is a bit fiddly, the shot can ping off or weaken the line, so it seemed sensible to produce a ‘method hookbait’ to Jamie’s exact specification.

The result offers all the benefits of a traditional dumbbell wafter, in that it is super simple to use on both bands or spike and are available in a selection of colours allowing you to mix and match during the session. The key difference being that it sinks, totally getting rid of the need for any shot on the hooklength.

Working with Jamie we settled on one flavour across the range, a beautiful citrus number which smells good enough to eat. This is available in four key colours, a pellet colour for those days you want to match the hatch and then pink, yellow and orange when you are looking for a bright standout hookbait.

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