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Want more bang for your groundbait buck? Following on from the success of the GO2 range of groundbaits, we’ve listened to customer feedback and have introduced a range of ‘all-round’ commercial mixes. By carefully selecting ingredients used in the mix we have managed to keep the expenses down, so you can get more groundbait at a better price whilst still getting the results you expect. So whether you are pleasure fishing, piling in bait down the edge or fishing a huge reservoir for silvers where large beds of bait are needed, these are a great alternative to the awesome GO2 range.

This betaine based fishmeal groundbait has a light green tinge when dry but deepens to a lovely dark green when mixed with water. Based on our popular Sweet Fishmeal commercial groundbait this new green version with added betaines adds a new dimension to your fishing.

Our commercial groundbaits are designed to complement our GO2 Super Blends, and are suitable for a range of applications, as well as being super simple to mix.

Sold in a 2kg resealable pouch.



Designed to be incorporated with our Super Blends range. In colder months, you can mix 50/50 with one of our low feed groundbaits such as Dark Lake Super Blend or Dark Super Blend.



Slowly add water to your groundbait. Add a bit at a time until you have your desired consistency. (A good starting point is to mix 1 bag of 900g groundbait to 500ml of water). Leave for around 15 minutes and then riddle.

For more information, check out our HOW 2 guide for preparing groundbaits.


For extra attraction, try adding some bait sauces into the groundbait. Mix your chosen liquid with water first so it is distributed evenly into the groundbait. Try our Green Betaine Bait Sauce with this product.

For more tips and uses, check out our HOW 2 guide for getting more out of your groundbait.




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